Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Results for the Australians-Day 3 and Overall

Road Race:
Stuart Tripp 1st MH3/4,
Simone Kennedy 1st WC1,2 3 , 
Alex Green 1st WC4/5,
Carol Cooke 1st WT2,
Sue Powell 2nd WC4/5, 
Claire McLean 3rd WC4/5,
Jarrad Langmead 3rd MT2,
Nigel Barley 3rd MH3/4,
Alex Welsh 5th MH2,
Harley Quinlan 7th MH2,
David Nicolas 6th MC1,2,3,
Ryan Hughes DNF (another rider crashed into him - he is okay!)
Kerry Knowler & Brandie O'Connor 3rd WB,
Bryce Lindores & Mark Jamison DNF (pouring rain and as Bryce has been sick they were pulled from the race.)

General Classification (overall placing after 3 races - all times added up, top 3 places awarded):
Stuart Tripp - 1st MH4
Nigel Barley - 2nd MH3
Simone Kennedy - 1st WC3
Sue Powell - 1st WC4
Alex Green - 2nd WC4
 Claire McLean - 1st WC5
Carol Cooke - 2nd WT2
Jarrad Langmead - 2nd MT2
 Brandie O'Connor & Kerry Knowler - 3rd WB

Winners received a Cured Leg of Ham and prize money 2nd place received 2 bottles of wine and prize money 3rd place received 1 bottle of wine and prize money Needless to say we Australians will be eating a lot of ham in the coming week!

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