Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 4 Souraide, France

We woke up today to a beautiful day and headed off at 8:30. As there are so many different disabilities in our group we each were doing something different but we have found a loop that we can all ride and the coaches etc can drive the loop in case anyone has a problem. 

Today was Monday and of course we were out as people were driving to work but still no problems with cars, even when I was on roads with no shoulders.  It was amazing they just slowed and waited for me, then passed when they could!

After my ride it was a very quiet day.  With no Internet I am lost.  I even finished the book I had downloaded on my Kindle App before I left! So I have literally relaxed!  I took a walk up the street to the local church and graveyard.  A lot of people think I am weird but I love local graveyards, as it tells the history of the town.  The oldest headstone with a date on it was 1716, but there were a couple others with no date which looked even older.  I didn't find one grave that was a single person, they were all families so it was interesting to see the difference.  Some of the graves had up to 6 people named on them, I guess it is one way to save space.

The rest of the day was spent at the other house we have watching cycling and watching Cadel Evans get the stage win.  I also had a call from Russ which was nice to hear his voice and now as I write I am thinking about sleep! We are expecting our other team mates to arrive tonight, the hand cyclists and the other tandem pair, this house is going to be a very full and busy place for the next 6 days!

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