Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 2 World Cup - Segovia

Today all the single bikes and the trikes had the day off and to be honest...thank god! My legs were absolutely stuffed after yesterday and I was certainly happy not to be racing today. Unfortunately for the tandems and the hand cycles there was no rest as they headed off to Castillo de Cueller (Castle of Cuellar).

The rest of us went out for a leisurely recovery ride all varying in times. I came back and had our masseuse Alan, give my legs a rub, then a shower and a cold as I could stand bath! After that I felt pretty good but tired. We really didn't do anything today...thank god for the Internet!

We did watch the results of the Rowing World Cup in Munich where our compatriots, Erik Horrie won the final of the Arms/Shoulders M1x and Kathryn Ross and Gavin Bellis won the final of the Trunk & Arms 2x! So a great weekend for Australia's Paralympic Athletes.

Tomorrow I race the Road Race and it will be tough. We race at 1pm, hottest time of the day and we have a 750m climb up cobble stones, so it will be interesting.

Australia results today:
Nigel Barley - 4th MH3 (even after dropping his chain),
Stuart Tripp -8th MH4,
Brandie O'Connor/Kerry Knowler -14th WB,
Alex Welsh -16th MH2,
Bryce Lindores/Mark Jamieson - 19th MB,
Harley Quinlan - 20th MH2

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