Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 3 Souraide, France

 I have been able to tap into the neighbors wifi to get them posted!

So much for our beautiful weather, it poured rain all night!  At least it has stopped for now.  We are just waiting to find out what time we are going to go for a ride. It still won't be a very long ride, probably about an hour just to make sure the legs are over the long trip. After our ride yesterday we headed back over the France/Spain border to do a bit of grocery shopping. Seems like everything is cheaper there. As we were heading there we passed through the most quant village called Ainhoa. I am definitely going back there to check out some of the shops and local goods from the Bayonne - Pays Basque area.

We ended up going out for a ride and of course about 16 minutes into it the rain hit again. I was riding with Jarred our other trike rider and we continued on. We ended up in the town of St. Pea which was lovely but the roads narrowed and there was no shoulder to ride on.  But amazingly not one car tooted their horn at us. I don't know if it is because of the Tour de France but riders are treated courteously, to bad some that wouldn't rub off on Australian drivers! 

We had been told to continue straight but eventually we were riding up a very twisty, narrow and steep road so by then I suggested that we turn back and head for home.  Trikes can be extremely wide and with the narrowing road it was better to head back to road where there was a shoulder to ride on.  We had done 25 minutes and were only supposed to ride for an hour so turning around was the right option.  I think though that we were certainly a novelty as we turned a number of heads and even had a tourist bus interested!  Turns out we had gone on to the wrong road, but hey we ended up in one piece so no harm done.

The rest of the day has been very relaxing and we all headed up to the other house to sit in the afternoon sun and I even got in the pool. Hopefully the weather has now turned for the better as tomorrow the ride gets a bit longer.

As I sit here at my balcony door looking out at the landscape I remind myself how truly fortunate I am to be able to experience places like. Having some time to sit back and really take in what's around me is amazing!

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