Friday, June 8, 2012

On Our Way to France -Day 2

Beautiful Saturday morning we were up nice and early to make the second part of our road journey to Souraide, France.  We were going to be going through the famous area of Pamplona, where the running of the bulls is held each year, which is on the boarder of France.  The one thing that is noticeable every time I come to Europe is how far advanced most countries are compared to Australia when it comes to alternate power.  The amount of wind farms here in Spain are incredible, even our hotel last night had an entire sustainability program in place!  I think that businesses in Australia could learn a lot from some of these countries. The closer we got to Pamplona the more the countryside changed,  it became more lush and hillier.  You could also see the history in some of the very old buildings we passed. Tried something new today Fried Maise which was included in a pack of mixed nuts. Very moreish once you get used to it. It looks like very big corn kernels. As we got closer to the French boarder it was extremely green and very hilly. We seemed to do a lot of climbing, I guess that is because we are close to the Pyrenees, and continued to climb!  We went through the most amazing tunnels through mountains and where there is an uphill there is always a downhill! And the small towns we passed through we're gorgeous. This is what Europe is all about to me, the homes so close to the narrow winding roads..  Crossing the border was certainly uneventful with not even a guard in the hut! We arrived in Souraide and found one of the houses that we are staying at very easily, met with the owner and then headed to look at the other house. It was that we had to decide who was staying where. It is a beautiful area but does have some challenging hills! Training will be interesting this week. The house I was appointed to stay in was the first one that we saw. When we got back I was absolutely amazed by this houses. I love history and I  had just stepped back in time to medieval times.  I keep waiting for a ghost to appear which would be really cool! It was then time to put our bikes/trikes together and I was hoping that there would be no damage from transit, couldn't be that lucky! A few minor things but thank god for our mechanic Peter G, he sorted me out!  We then headed out on a short ride just to blow the cobwebs of traveling out of the system and talk about good! Once I got warmed up I felt fantastic. It has been one long day so hopefully being in the middle of nowhere I can get a decent sleep! Oh and in answer to my question posed on my last blog, it was definitely better have the Spanish band playing instead of the 9 year old kicking me! P.S. I have no Internet connection probably for a week so these postings will most likely come all together 

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