Monday, July 16, 2012

44 Days and Counting!

Wow it is hard to believe that the Paralympics start in just 44 days!  It has really started to hit home to me that I really am part of the Australian team heading over there.

After getting home from our European campaign I was invited to the Prime Ministers Olympic Dinner.  What a night!  Very star studded and at times I had to pinch myself to actually make myself believe that I was really there. 
It didn't matter what table you looked at there was an amazing athlete or star.  I had the chance to meet up with hero's of mine like Dawn Fraser, the Australian Swimming Legend!

The night was incredible and one that I certainly will never forget.  We were all given a gift box when we left with a beautiful gold embossed plate and crystal glass, which I can honestly say now has a place of pride on the mantel.

As I write this blog it is 4 weeks today before I head back overseas.  Which really isn't far away and I know it will fly by!

After having the chance to ride the course that we will be racing on at Brands Hatch just outside of London I realized that the best place for me to train would be Kew Blvd., in Melbourne.  It is very much like the course at Brands Hatch.  I am learning to love the hills, to relax and let the fears of climbing dissolve.  I have decided to focus on what is good, what is right and to look forward to my races with the best outcome that I can envision.

I believe that now so close to racing in the biggest event of my life, it is important to let my attitude be based on my most positive vision and not what may or may not happen.  I took that attitude with me this past weekend racing a Time Trial at Port Phillip Island.  A car race circuit just like Brands Hatch but certainly not as hilly.  The one thing the course did have was wind!  But I looked at it like a hill, learning to love it!  And more importantly I came away happy with how I had raced!

I'm looking forward to the next 4 weeks of training and building on what I have done over the last 8 months!  Then it is on to France for a few weeks of staging camp with the hand cyclists, then into the village!

The quote I will take with me over the next two months is by Ralph Marsden "You can choose your future by what you do with what you have right now."