Saturday, September 3, 2011

Life in Ringsted

We are well and truly settled in Denmark.  We are staying in the small town of Ringsted about an hour’s drive from Copenhagen.  Ringsted is about 30 minutes from where we will be racing in Roskilde. The town of Ringsted is a pretty one with a lot of very old buildings which really isn’t surprising!

We are now on day 4 of our trip and we have been able to go out and have a look at the course that we will be racing on.  We first drove the course and there were a number of comments that the roads were so narrow.  Think of watching the Tour de France and how narrow some of those roads are…yup that’s what I’m talking about.  It will be interesting to see how the trikes and the tandem bikes go around the corners with such narrow roads.  It just means that I will have to be out front, that way no one can try to get by me!

I am surprised at how well I have pulled up in regards to jetlag.  I’ve had a couple of great night’s sleep and I am feeling fantastic.  I’ve had two really easy rides just to adapt to the time change and to be honest I am raring to go!

I am also surprised at how expensive ordinary things are.  We tend to think that we pay a lot for coffee but with the Denmark Kroner at 5 for 1 we went to have a coffee the other day and were charged 35 Kroner a whopping 7 dollars!  Good thing I don’t drink a lot of coffee!

We have other teams staying at the same hotel.  New Zealand arrived today along with one of our Aussie riders, Jing, who is racing for Chinese Taipei.  The Americans should be arriving very soon as well.  So it is starting to get exciting with the other teams arriving and I am sure when we are out on the course tomorrow we will see quite a few more riders!

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  1. Good luck Carol.....Hog the road on your Trike....don't let them past.... xxx Elaine