Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Journey Begins

As I was packing everything into my suitcase, trike bag and backpack it still seems surreal that I am about to fulfill a life long dream and when I say lifelong I mean it! As I have said in earlier posts this dream has been the culmination of 35 years, through 2 countries and over 3 sports!  So you can understand why it seems surreal.  But it really is happening.

I am writing this post sitting on my Qantas flight #9 on my way to London via Singapore where I will meet up with Nigel (hand cyclist) and Jenni (coach) (Dan our mechanic is on board with me). We will then fly to France from London for 19 days of a training camp before we head back to London and the games village.  I decided to pay for an upgrade to Premium Economy and if I could have afforded Business Class I would have done it.  What a great decision I made.  Larger seat and literally 1 metre of leg room, with only two of us in a row of 3 seats! (Mind you those beds in Business Class look good!). But this adventure is too important not to travel in comfort, I need to be able to get off this plane and be able to train right away.  It is 3 weeks and 2 days to my race and I want to be in the best possible shape ever getting off a long haul flight.

I am so excited I think I could fly this plane myself!  I just want to get over there, if I could wiggle my nose like 'Bewitched' and be there now, I would!  But the one thing I am conscious of is being overwhelmed by the experience.  Yes I want to take it all in, but I also want to be able to race at my best.

Before all the excitement builds I just wanted to say "Thank You" to all those people who have supported me and been there through the good times and the bad! 

My husband Russell who has been my biggest supporter, cooking amazing food, looking after the house and doing the odd massage when required, I couldn't do it without you.

The Victorian Institute of Sport - who for the last 5 years have backed me in my quest to make this dream come true, through my rowing and subsequently my cycling, Crooksy in the gym, Dani in nutrition, Arnaud and Jim in massage, the entire physio and medical departments and finally Nerissa and Paul in the athletes admin area.  Without all of you this wouldn't be possible.

To my coaches Helen and Bob Kelly, you two are amazing and have taken me from a really raw rider to one who knows a little more now!  I still have lots to learn! But you have given me the guidance I have needed.

Cycling Australia - Peter D, Tom, Muz, Anouska, Peter G and little Tom, you have all guided me from start to finish and believed in my ability to get me to where I am now.

MS Australia for supporting me through my rowing career by providing me with a boat and support in the way of friendship (sorry I'm not rowing at the games! :-))

Sponsors - Chris Peters and Jim Morey, CBD Cycles and Xxxxxx, your support has been greatly appreciated.

My family, mom and dad, Cindy, Lea, Chris and extended family, in Canada and Australia, who I am sure worry about my health and am I doing too much! Being so far away is hard for them! 

And last but not least my friends who have had to put up with my training regime, missing out on celebrations, parties or even just every day things because I am either away or training. Thank you Margo, Rosie, Naomi, Heather, Clare, Deidre, Jacqui, Judy, Kirsty, Jenn, Mischa, Carolyn, Lynne, Flick, Annie, Jus, Tina, Emma, Carley and a host of others, your friendship and support means more than you will ever know!

I am more than ready for this challenge and I will give it my all!  I recently received a beautiful bracelet from my friend Jus and inscribed on it is:

" IF YOU CAN DREAM can achieve it". 
I am about to prove it!


  1. Beautiful reflections gorgeous girl. Now leave the dreaming to those who are still working towards achieving their goals and get out there and enjoy every moment that is the reward for all the work you've done in achieving one of yours. Have a blast & be proud of yourself. Rosie xx
    Nb - cant wait to hear what your next challege will be. Thought about space travel? Economy class probably ain't got nothing on a space shuttle!!!

  2. WOW, Carol, you continue to amaze me. You have a wonderful way of looking at life.
    Your life long dream is about to be achieved. Be proud of yourself. I can't believe that I will actually be there to see you race. I am so proud of you. I love you.
    "Aunt" Marjorie

  3. Ride Baby Ride and work out all those airplane crinks. See you soon for our London adventure. Love Cindy

  4. Go for it Carol. You have worked so hard to acheive this goal.What perseverence and stamina. Ride your heart out and have fun doing it.
    How proud we are of your accomplishments.
    Can hardly wait to cheer you on.
    Love you,
    Mom and Dad