Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Let The Games Begin!

Today is the Opening Ceremonies of the London Paralympic Games for 2012!  Although I won't be there, hopefully I will be watching them on French television.  It is so exciting to think that 3 days from now I will be in the Paralympic village!

I also get to see my family from Canada, mom, sister and aunt who are coming to watch, again...exciting!

But before I start writing about the next chapter of this experience I want to say a few thank you's.  Cycling Australia and more so our head coach Peter Day saw that it was important that the 3 wheel riders have somewhere good to train in the lead up.  Not to be stuck in the village with no where to go!  It was his fore thinking that has led us to France, the terrain being very similar to Brands Hatch where we will be racing.  No other nation has accommodated their 3 wheel riders like this so we are very lucky.  We have also been removed from all the hoopla and distractions that go with being in the village and been able to just concentrate on the job at hand.  So thank you from the bottom of my heart to Peter and Cycling Australia who have funded this.

Thank you also goes to Jenni Banks the hand cycle coach who found this amazing house to stay in, way back in June and has organized every aspect of our time here.  Without her organizational skills it wouldn't have been as smooth sailing as it has been.

Thanks to Dan Brent, our bike mechanic here in France. Not only has he worked on our cycles but has been a great person to ride with every day.  Most days I train by myself so it has been brilliant having someone around!

Also thanks to Alan Downes, the team massage therapist who Peter Day kindly let come to France for two weeks to treat us.  I haven't made mention, but on the 5th of August I had a nasty crash, coming off the trike at 40km/hr over the handle bars (not a great thing to hurts!). I was very lucky not to have broken anything, but was severely battered and bruised, and if it wasn't for Alan's daily treatments I certainly wouldn't be riding like I am!  I am more than healed and raring to race!

Last but not least, thanks to Nigel and Stuart my teammates, it has been a blast these last few weeks.  I really think we are all ready to take on the world!

Look out London, the last of the Aussies are on their way!


  1. Way to go Carol. See you soon.
    Your loving Aunt M.

  2. Dearest Carol - Have a great time with the family mext week. Will be thinking of you and hopefully we will be able to pick up some of the functions on TV even though they are being broadcasted from London.

    Go gal go. Love you forever - Rheta and Bob

  3. Sounds like you are more then ready!!! Best of Luck!!


  4. Yahooooooo - very soon, very soon and as long as I stay happily excited, I'm not thinking too hard and being a nervous nelly for you. I'll try and leave that to mom - but I come by it honestly!
    See you soon.
    Love Cindy

  5. Well Carol........ This is it ! So glad to hear you fully healed from that crash !!
    What a lovely expression of appreciation for those supporting and accompanying you on your incredible journey (including your family). Caught a few minutes of the Paralympic opening ceremonies - thought it looked more beautiful and exciting than the Olympic ceremonies. Even the Queen looked more excited! Gave me goosebumps just knowing you are going to be THERE!
    Live the dream baby........ Live the dream! Will be cheering you on from here!

    Lots of Love and Big Hugs,