Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rest Day

Yesterday I had the day off from training so decided to explore St. Jean de Luz.  Not sure if it happens every weekend but the streets blocked off and a band was playing in the rotund with literally hundreds of people standing around listening. There were restaurants all around the square filled to the brim and what to me was a real French look, artists interspersed all around actually painting some really good stuff!

It was a beautiful day, a lovely 25, slight breeze, blue skies with white fluffy clouds, days like this I could handle every day!

I stopped and listened to the music for a little while then made my way through the crowds up some of the side streets out towards their version of a boardwalk.  It was up above the beach and the beach was full of sun worshipper's, people swimming in the ocean and lots of kids activities on the beach.  Feeling a bit peckish I stopped at a small hole in the wall and ordered a freshly made panini and a bottle of water, then sat watching the crowds as I ate my lunch.  I love people watching!  A lot of families getting in their last bit of holiday before the kids go back to school, older couples walking hand in hand and tourists from every nation speaking in their own language.

Of course no trip to the beach would be complete without a Glacé or ice cream as we know it! I figured I would just ride it off today!

I then walked through the little streets trying to partake of some retail therapy.  It's always the way, if you want to buy something you can never find anything!  I had just about given up hope when I saw the perfect shop and after trying on a few things walked out with a beautiful top.  The shops were starting to close up for either siesta or the day (I'm not quite sure), so figured it was time to indulge in a bit of siesta myself, so put in a call to Dan for a ride home.

After a short rest it was then a decision what to do with the rest of the day!  Funny when you are soused to a schedule then all of a sudden you have a day to yourself it becomes a huge decision!

Jenni, Dan and I decided to pay a visit to the Chateau D'Urtibie, which was just down the road.  This was built as a fortified castle in 1341 and still belongs to the same family.  It was originally built as a structure to guard the road to Spain and was commissioned by the English King at the time.  It has been added on to over the years and is a beautiful structure.  Even the chapel located on the grounds which was built in the 17th century is still used for mass, when the elder brother of the owner, who is a priest, comes to visit.  We joined in a tour, which was held in French, but we were given an English translation of the information.  The paintings and tapestries which adorned the walls were from every century, even including photos from now.

It was a really good day and took my mind off of my task at hand for a day.  But it was back on the trike today.  It is only two days until the Opening Ceremonies and although we won't be there we will certainly be watching!  And it is getting exciting!  But my mind is still on the training that I still have to do.  There is certainly no complacency because I know that my competitors will still be giving it their all?

Living with intention, discipline and focus is not hard at all, because it is a way of reminding yourself of the ultimate prize!


  1. Dearest Carol my niece. I feel like I am reading a travelling journal written by Alice Steinbach - who wrote "Without Reservations" the travels of an independent woman. You are indeed a great writer and I love reading your blog. Keep up the good work - I think you have another career. Love you forever - Rheta

  2. My dear Carol, my much loved niece. What fun it is to read your blog. I am like Rheta that I feel like I am on a trip. It will be so great to see you next week, I can hardly wait.
    There is no doubt you will be giving it your all. Way to go. Love you- Marjorie

  3. Thank you Rheta and Marjorie for your kind comments, I just like to write as I see it so others can maybe see it in their mind! Looking forward to seeing family next week!
    Love you both.

  4. What day and time is your race again. I can't seem to see my email about it, but know its any moment. I'm hoping to catch it from here.

    Good luck Carol!


  5. Hi Elaine, I race on the 5th of September at about 4:45pm London time, so look for updates the morning of the 6th on ABC1, then again on the 8th of September at 10:32 am so there may be something on ABC2 that day as they have a show from 7pm-11:30 pm each night.

  6. Catherine Curry-HydeSeptember 2, 2012 at 3:38 PM

    We are thinking about you, talking about you at swimming training, and will certainly be watching you. You inspire us all!