Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The last week has brought a lot of Inspiration into the lives of almost everyone I know!  One name and you will know what I am talking about…Cadel Evans.

How incredible and inspirational can one man be? There have been a lot of sleepless nights in the last few weeks with thousands of Australians watching the Tour de France, hoping and praying that “Our Cadel” would finally win the big one!  Personally I watched the highlights each day at the respectable hour of 6pm because training in the early morning hours just doesn’t work on 4 hours of sleep!

However on the last weekend of the Tour I was on a girl’s weekend away and thankfully all of my girl friends were fans of the Tour so it was a must each night.  How incredible the last “true” race of the Tour…the Time Trial…was to be.  I don’t think I have ever seen a man so intent, so focused and so determined with what he had to do.

Cadel obviously believed in himself and knew what he was capable of achieving and he never hesitated to put it all on the line, whether his team was around him or not.  That to me is inspiration!  To be able to believe in yourself like that is incredible.

Cadel has dared to dream and then dared to act on his dream, which is true inspiration.

Your dream may not be to win the Tour de France but it is not any less important.  So if you have a dream, find out just how strong and capable you are. Put your own strength to a meaningful test.  See how much you can do by watching yourself do it.  You probably have the abilities to achieve those dreams you just need to believe in yourself. 

If you need inspiration just think of what Cadel has accomplished!

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