Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's All About the Details

Well my rowing season has come to an end and the focus is strictly on riding now.  Unfortunately I was unable to finish the rowing the way I wanted.  We did have a win in the 4 at the Melbourne Head Regatta but the one we have been training for since June, The Head of the Yarra, unfortunately didn’t happen for our crew.  The weather was really bad with major rain which causes the drains in the Yarra River to become treacherous.  So the organisers decided to scratch 118 boats and that included ours.  It was extremely disappointing and everyone has their own thoughts on the decision, so I won’t go into that!

So the riding has taken over and I have had some really great rides lately.  Today I got a taste of racing again when I headed to the Criterium run at Glenvale.  Now normally 3 wheels don’t ride with 2 wheels but they make an allowance for me.  I get to ride with the E grade riders who are learning to ride a Criterium.  The interesting thing is that I am probably almost old enough to be their grandparent!!!  And they usually kick my ass!  But today I got the chance to “blow out the cobwebs” by racing!  For the first time I was able to hang on to the main pack right until the end where they took off, cranking up the speed for the last couple of laps.

Now today was a day about details and for me right now details are a really good learning tool.  I am so new to riding that I need those details.  Some people think those details are tedious at times, but those details are what give substance to the dream you are chasing.  Today’s details helped me do the best I have ever done at the Criterium.  Even when I got dropped off the pack, I had a young guy (probably about 11 years old) riding with me and I told him to jump on my back wheels.  (I am a bigger wind break then he will ever experience!) I was able to impart some details to him during our ride together and at the end he was able to give it his all and sprint to the finish line (yes he did pass me and take off!).  Upon cooling down he waited for me and thanked me!  He was a lovely kid and even asked me lots of questions about my trike.

No detail is beneath you or unimportant, because all those details combined together, bring your dream to life.  I have a lot more details to work on but I am looking forward to it!

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  1. Drag about rowing race...but on to bigger and better things...and all the details in between bigger and better!